Maintaining Your Carpet Care Machine

Higher education facilities realize many benefits by keeping carpet in good condition. Proper care extends the life cycle of flooring, reducing landfill waste and improving a school’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Regular spot and stain removal ensures that students, staff and visitors do not form a negative perception of the school and its cleanliness standards based on the condition of the carpet. Additionally, adhering to the right procedures reduces the overall cost of carpet care by limiting the need for repairs, costly and time-consuming maintenance and replacement.

Many schools use low-moisture encapsulation machines to perform interim carpet maintenance because it is a safe, efficient and sustainable process. As with any cleaning equipment, it is important for staff to understand how to keep these assets in good working condition so that they are always ready for use. Read on to learn more about carpet agitator maintenance steps and the value of proper care.

Making Maintenance an Easy Task

Whether your school has two carpet care machines or more than 10, it is important to have a plan in place for maintaining them. Consider the following recommendations for maintaining your carpet agitators:

  1. Use your equipment regularly – While this might seem counterintuitive, regular use actually promotes proper maintenance if employees follow best practices. This is because equipment that is neglected in a custodial closet is often not maintained properly. The last thing you want to have happen is that an employee needs to perform carpet care and the machine is not in peak condition. Maintained machines are always ready for use, reducing downtime in your operation.
  2. Empty the solution tank – After each cleaning, remove the solution tank and empty it. Rinse it out so it is clean for the next use.
  3. Clean out the collection tray – Encapsulation cleaning removes soils and contaminants that vacuuming may have missed in the deeper fibers of carpet. This dirt and debris accumulate in the machine’s collection tray. Operators should empty this tray after each cleaning to keep it from becoming too full and make sure it is ready for the next employee to use.
  4. Flush the spray nozzle after cleaning – If not adequately maintained, a carpet agitator’s spray nozzle can become clogged. In some cases, this might result in no solution being sprayed onto carpet. In others, it could cause the spray pattern to be uneven, which can impact cleaning results. Spray clean water through the pump and nozzle to keep this vital machine part from clogging.
  5. Wipe brush axles – Keep brushes clean by removing them and wiping the axles of the machine. Rotate the brushes after each use as well to extend their lifespan.
  6. Wipe and wind the power cable – Keep the power cable clean and free of kinks by wiping it with a rag and winding it after carpet cleaning is complete.
  7. Store equipment in a safe, dry space – Your equipment is an investment not only in your carpet but in your brand reputation. Keep it in a secure and accessible place that will not experience floods or falling debris.

Maintaining a carpet cleaning machine does not have to be a major time investment. In fact, staff can complete these simple steps in just 10 minutes or so. When employees understand how easy it is to care for carpet care equipment, they will perform these tasks each and every time they operate the machine.   

Small Investment, Big Returns

Labor is often one of the highest costs of a facility cleaning and maintenance program. Cleaning roles usually experience high turnover, resulting in frequent re-hiring, onboarding and continual training. Putting off maintenance of key assets can result in performance issues or delays when the equipment is needed most. It may also mean that carpets going without a necessary cleaning. If students, staff or visitors notice spots or stains that have not been addressed, it can have a lasting impact on a school’s reputation.

Staying on top of regular machine maintenance and repairs reduces costly downtime, allowing operations to run as smoothly and cost effectively as possible. Employees will always have access to working equipment and will be able to regularly remove built-up carpet soils.

An A+ Carpet Care Plan

Clean university buildings promote a better learning environment for students and a better teaching environment for professors and teacher’s assistants. Carpet care is a key component of facility maintenance in higher education environments because it supports good indoor air quality, positive brand perceptions and sustainability.

Equally important is maintaining your carpet cleaning machine on a regular basis. Investing time into training staff on proper machine maintenance will go a long way in protecting your equipment assets and keeping flooring looking its best for years to come.  

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