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The history and vision of
the R.E. Whittaker Company

Experts in Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Richard Whittaker founded the R.E. Whittaker Company in 1961. Under his guidance, the company grew from a local janitorial supply distributor into a global leader in the field of low-moisture carpet cleaning methods.

Whittaker has taken a leadership role in the field of low-moisture carpet cleaning methods, and it began in the 1980’s with the innovation of Crystal Dry® encapsulation cleaning technology. Crystal Dry® was introduced as a more effective, safe and environmentally sustainable option to traditional cleaning methods.

Whittaker's cleaning machine and chemical innovations have led to several patents and revolutionary techniques in the maintenance of carpet and hard surface floors. The company is leading the industry with their development of an objective appearance measurement system that can be used to determine cleaning frequencies and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning programs on-site.

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