Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning


Crystalizing chemistry leaves no residues

Since carpet fibers look cleaner immediately, before extraction takes place, people often ask us, "where did the dirt go?"

We answer by comparing CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning agent and its encapsulated soil particles with a diamond. Diamonds always have flaws from embedded foreign particles, but these flaws are not seen except under high magnification. Similarly, CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning agent entirely encapsulates foreign soils in a clear polymer that still looks perfect to the naked eye or even under low magnification. The soil is there, but all that can be seen is bright and clean carpet. The soil-laden crystals are removed easily by vacuuming, which may occur at any time without adverse effect.


What is encapsulation carpet cleaning?

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is one part of a comprehensive carpet care plan that accompanies frequent vacuuming and annual deep extraction cleaning.

Encapsulation cleaning uses unique crystalizing polymers combined with effective detergent components to emulsify dry and oily embedded soils and then bind them with the soil particles so that when the chemistry dries in a brittle, crystalline structure (usually in 30 minutes), it is easily removed from the carpet fiber with routine vacuuming. It will not cause resoiling and will extend the time between wet extractions. 

This type of cleaning is beneficial because a carpet that looks clean may in fact hold a quantity of dirt. If you perform encapsulation cleaning on an "as needed" basis or only when the carpet appears dirty, you are allowing unseen dirt to remain in the carpet and cause damage as it is ground down into the fibers by foot traffic. Using Whittaker's Smart Care® encapsulation carpet cleaning system as part of a scheduled maintenance program can extend the life of carpet and reduce the time between restorative cycles, as poor visual appearance often limits carpet life to five years or less. As a result of regular encapsulation cleaning, measurably cleaner carpets will keep the indoor environment fresh and maintain carpet appearance.