Progenta Wows Customers and Prospects with Whittaker’s Carpet Care System

Progenta Wows Customers and Prospects with Whittaker’s Carpet Care System


Progenta Projectservices, a floor and upholstery service provider based in the Netherlands, has more than 30 years of experience maintaining floors in places like commercial offices, healthcare facilities and government-operated buildings.

Early on, Progenta realized that to be a leader in floor care, it would need the right carpet care equipment and chemistry to complement its expertise. Using the right machines, tools and formulations ensures the removal of stubborn spots and stains that can negatively impact a facility’s reputation and even result in customer complaints to service providers and carpet manufacturers.

“Out of every 100 complaints carpet mills receive, about 90 of them are tied to lapses in carpet care rather than issues with the carpet’s construction,” said Marijn van Dijkhuizen, Owner of Progenta Projectservices. “Thus, the quality of carpet care is key.”


More than 20 years ago, Progenta purchased a carpet care system from Whittaker, the leader in low-moisture encapsulation systems. Today, the company uses about 20 of Whittaker’s Smart Care® TRIO machines and CRYSTAL® Chemistry. While Progenta conducts periodic carpet maintenance for its customers – typically 3-4 times per year at each location – the systems are used on a daily basis across all customer sites.  

Customers really like the end result after we clean carpet with Whittaker’s system,” added van Dijkhuizen. “Our employees also appreciate that the equipment is lightweight and easy to operate.”

Because he believes in the effectiveness of the system, van Dijkhuizen also resells TRIO machines and the corresponding chemistry to other like-minded organizations across Europe as well as hotels in the Netherlands that are interested in handling carpet care in-house. To ensure success, Progenta provides the necessary training on how to use and maintain the system.


With Whittaker’s Smart Care TRIO system, Progenta realizes a variety of benefits, including:

  • Customer satisfaction: The TRIO system uses three brushes to simultaneously lift the carpet pile and agitate the solution into the carpet fibers. Customers are quick to notice that the flooring looks fresh and new after a cleaning. They also appreciate that the system doesn’t use large volumes of water or chemistry. The carpet dries quickly and people can walk over it without worry.  
  • Business growth: Progenta receives a lot of referrals from carpet manufacturers and, in most cases, wins the business by demonstrating how the Smart Care system works. As van Dijkhuizen notes, “the wow effect achieved with Whittaker is really great. People are convinced of its capabilities right away.”
  • Employee wellbeing: Progenta can confidently, quickly and quietly clean carpet with the TRIO system while building occupants are present rather than requiring employees to clean during evening hours. This allows staff to share their evenings with family. Additionally, as Progenta’s staff becomes increasingly diverse, with both men and women involved in cleaning duties, it’s ideal that the Whittaker equipment is lightweight. This allows every employee to take on carpet care.
  • Sustainability contributions: Sustainability is a growing priority in Europe, and companies are being challenged to support the circular economy model. Properly caring for carpet can extend its lifespan by 3-4 years. Additionally, because the Whittaker chemistry does not leave behind a residue, it can be repurposed after it reaches the end of its useful life in a facility. If manufacturers can accept these materials, they can use them to create new carpet.
  • Simplified training: Progenta’s employees appreciate that training is not complex, but instead is an engaging process. It’s easy to teach others how to use the machine, and it is even fun to use.
  • Enhanced productivity: According to van Dijkhuizen, “you can make a good profit in carpet cleaning if you know the right way to approach it.” With the TRIO machine, Progenta can thoroughly clean 200 square meters in under an hour, which is significantly faster than more intensive cleaning processes.

Carpet care is especially important because if floors are dirty, visitors will likely associate this with overall cleanliness and assume the facility is not hygienic,” said van Dijkhuizen. “We proudly use Whittaker’s system for all customer sites that have carpet.”

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