Why We Use Whittaker: Franchise Owner Of The Maids Carpet Story

R.E. Whittaker Company takes great pride in giving service providers a smarter way to clean their client’s carpets. Today we sat down with Hank Williamson, a franchise owner of The Maids, to find out exactly about how Whittaker Systems can help franchises care for carpets in a more efficient and cost effective way.

Whittaker: Tell us a little bit about The Maids and what you do.

Hank Williamson: The Maids is a residential cleaning company that offers carpet cleaning as a special service for our clients. I am the owner of the franchise that serves the Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem, NC markets.

W: Tell us about your experience with Whittaker machines and solutions.

H: We have used the Whittaker Carpet Cleaning system since 2008 and had great results. In fact, we have never had a dissatisfied client using the Whittaker system.

We do a great number of move out, move in, and preparation for selling the home cleaning where the carpets are added to the scope of work. In many cases we have saved the client money from having to replace carpet as after the Whittaker cleaning is done the carpet shows well.

W: How does the Whittaker System compare to other cleaning technologies?

H: Many clients have previously used a different carpet cleaning service that got the padding too wet and as the carpet dried, a stain reappeared from the soiled pad. This has never happened using the Whittaker system.

Our clients appreciate that they can walk on the carpets immediately and they are completely dry in about 45 minutes. They like the fact that we are not using too much moisture and the carpet padding is not getting soaked.

W: What is the biggest benefit Whittaker offers to your company?

H: As a business owner I like the Whittaker system because the machine is easy to operate and quickly cleans the carpet.

W: Have you found Whittaker is a good value for the money it costs?

H: Yes! We make good margins off the cleanings and our clients are happy. The equipment fits into the trunk of our cars so we don’t have any additional vehicle expense. We even purchased a second Whittaker machine 2 years ago to keep up with demand.

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