Maintenance & Storage Of Whittaker Smart Care® Machines: TRIO

Congratulations on your purchase of a Whittaker Smart Care® System carpet cleaning machine!We are so glad you have chosen us to help keep your carpets clean and improve their longevity. Your Whittaker machine will be with you for many years. Proper maintenance and storage, including emptying and cleaning the tank and spray nozzle after use, helps keep the machine in its best working condition. Below, we have outlined our recommendations for storing the Smart Care® TRIO. Feel free to read the written instructions or watch them in action in the corresponding training video.

Smart Care® TRIO

Before maintaining the machine, you should unplug the power cord.
  1. Empty the collection hopper while cleaning by pulling firmly and tipping to the side. Re-attach by pressing firmly until snapped into place.
  2. The spray tip can be removed for cleaning without tools by simply sliding the tip guard up and pulling the tip gently.*Be careful not to lose the gasket seal behind the tip.
  3. Remove the tank from the machine to empty and rinse with clean water.
  4. Remove the tank filter valve assembly by twisting counter-clockwise, then rinse debris from the strainer.*It helps to leave a small amount of clean water in the tank after rinsing. Then connect the power supply and spray clean water through to flush the pump and spray tip.
  5. With the handle in the locked upright position, tip the machine back until the handle rests on the floor. Remove axles by pressing from the right side and pulling from the opposite end. Remove the brushes and place them on the floor.
  6. Check brush wear by comparing to the brush wear indicator. When the brush’s bristles are the same length as the red bristles, it’s time to replace the brush.
  7. Wipe the underside of the machine and axles with a clean dry cloth. *To prolong brush life, you should rotate end to end after each use.
  8. The axles should never be lubricated. Simply wipe clean before storage to prevent them from sticking in place. Replace axles and snap into place. Insert from the left side for the easiest alignment. *Note that the small diameter brush may only be placed in the center position.
  9. Your Smart Care® TRIO has an air-cooled motor. To keep the motor running smoothly, periodically remove the side cover and vacuum any dust, lint and carpet fiber material from the vents in the side cover and the air intake and exhaust areas in the machine.

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