Carpet Cleaning at Healthcare Facilities

Whittaker delivers benefits with
every square foot you clean.

Keeping carpets clean and healthy is a priority in healthcare facilities. Carpet maintenance equipment must navigate through obstructed areas, offer cost-effective cleaning, and reduce allergens and mold to keep spaces safe for patients and staff.

The Smart Care® System offers the best in quality, cost-efficient carpet cleaning. The nimble Smart Care® TWIN easily maneuvers around desks, workstations, and medical devices, ensuring that your delicate equipment is undisturbed.

Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation minimizes water usage, reducing the potential for mold growth in care facilities. It also significantly reduces downtime from cleaning, because our CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry can be walked on within minutes, not hours, with no fear of re-soiling. All CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry uses green formulations with no VOCs, and is safe for use with sensitive populations.

From hospitals to long term care facilities, Whittaker meets the carpet cleaning needs of all healthcare applications. Contact us today to discover the difference Whittaker can make at your facility!

Recommended Products

Smart Care® 15" TRIO System


  • Integrated automatic sprayer
  • Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
  • Cleaning Rate: Up to 11,670 sq. ft./hr 

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crystal odor and protein carpet cleaner



  • Organic stain & odor remover
  • Formulated for urine & vomit removal
  • Fragrance free and WoolSafe certified

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Green Carpet Cleaning
The Smart Care® Crystal Dry® chemistry uses green formulations with no VOCs and is safe for patients and staff of healthcare facilities.
The Smart Care® system minimizes water usage and reduces the potential for mold growth in sensitive facilities.
The Smart Care® system is the most cost-efficient carpet cleaning system on the market and saves you money with every square foot cleaned.
The nimble Smart Care® TWIN protects interior furnishings by easily maneuvering around workstations, assuring that sensitive equipment is undisturbed.