The Importance Of Certification And Continuing Education

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing and advancing globally recognized standards and certifications for the inspection, cleaning, restoration and installation industries. Since its inception in 1972, the IICRC has trained and certified over 60,000 technicians and 6,000 firms across the globe on cleaning industry best practices through various IICRC classes.

The IICRC offers educational opportunities for building service contractors (BSCs) and other cleaning professionals in a large variety of cleaning categories, including carpet care. At Whittaker, we value continuing education and keeping tabs on the latest industry recommendations and requirements. This is why our Sales team members have undergone the certification process.

Certification Process

The IICRC certification process for carpet cleaners typically takes place over a two-day period and involves a three-hour written exam at its conclusion. Upon passing the test, a technician is officially certified.

For Whittaker sales associate Theresa Thompson, she completed the Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician Certification.  

Theresa notes, “I felt like I needed to know everything about carpet care for my own benefit, so I took the classes eager to learn as much as I could about everything from carpet construction to maintenance techniques. Becoming certified is important for anyone in the industry, as it provides an essential understanding of the key concepts of carpet and carpet maintenance.”

Why Certification Matters

There are numerous reasons why you will want to work with a firm or individual who has been certified by the IICRC. These include:

  • Recommendations on the right type of carpet – Knowing the type of carpet to recommend and how to install it is a must for industry professionals. A benefit of being certified is learning about the different types of carpet and what kind of carpet works best in an environment, whether it’s for an office building or a higher education facility. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing carpet.  Working with a certified firm or professional ensures that they are providing the right guidance for your unique environment.
  • Knowledge about how to best maintain carpet appearance – Implementing a comprehensive carpet care program ensures consistently clean carpet in facilities. The IICRC provides tools and tips to ensure industry professionals gain the skills needed to keep carpet in good condition for years to come. Additionally, when firms and experts understand the four cornerstones of carpet care, including preventative, daily, interim and restorative maintenance, they can better identify the best carpet care regimens for your facility. 
  • Trusted carpet care expertise in hazardous situations – Every customer deserves to work with a trained and experienced technician, especially during an unforeseen carpet-related emergency. Since the IICRC sets extremely high standards, certification can provide peace of mind for customers. This is especially important in hazardous situations, such as carpet care needed after a natural disaster or flood. It is critical for these situations to be handled by a trustworthy professional who uses the right equipment and follows the proper procedures. Look for a certified firm or professional so that you know they are reliable and will execute in the right way the first time.

Steve Pridon, Whittaker’s senior sales associate, believes in the power that IICRC certification has on bringing peace of mind to customers.

“When customers can see that Whittaker’s employees put in the time and effort to go through the certification process, they know that we speak from a level of knowledge of the industry,” he said. “This certification really helps set apart anyone who is responsible for maintaining carpet or carpet care systems.”

The Whittaker Way

Whether you are responsible for facility maintenance at a higher education facility, healthcare facility, office building, transportation center or other building, you will want to seek out professionals that are equipped to handle your carpet care needs. Customers can trust that Whittaker has the expertise required to solve real world challenges.

Our sales associates have completed certification courses and understand the ins and outs of carpet care. They have knowledge of different types of carpet, are well versed in various maintenance strategies and are dedicated to continuous learning.

To ensure success for the lifespan of your carpet, consider working with a certified installer and certified restoration professionals in the event of flooding or major damage to your flooring. For all your maintenance needs, you can rely on Whittaker’s experts and our low moisture encapsulation method using trusted Smart Care® machines and CRYSTAL® Chemistry..